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The characteristic that is most defining of human beings as a species is that our large cerebral cortexes make us very, very smart.In this chapter we consider how psychologists conceptualize and measure human intelligence—.Although some specific personality traits, talents, and physical abilities are important for success in some jobs, intelligence predicts performance across all types of jobs.Our vast intelligence also allows us to have language, .But Summers also argued that women might be less genetically capable of performing science and mathematics—that they may have less "intrinsic aptitude" than do men.

Intelligence is also negatively correlated with criminal behaviors—the average of delinquent adolescents is about 7 points lower than that of other adolescents (Wilson & Herrnstein, 1985)—and positively correlated with health-related outcomes, including longevity (Gottfredson, 2004; Gottfredson & Deary, 2004). presidents, the ability to effectively lead was well predicted by ratings of the president's intelligence.

Self-assessments, Check Your Knowledge questions, and all other interactive elements are UMUC content developed for this text. At the end of this chapter, you'll have an opportunity to improve your score and see the correct answers to the questions. enjoyed more success than did their less intelligent peers in their academic lives, obtaining higher grades and degrees; however, the differences leveled off in the professional world such that the two groups eventually became indistinguishabled.

This self-assessment is meant to help you identify key concepts, retain knowledge, and maximize your success in this course. enjoyed more career success than did their less intelligent peers when they had been placed in gifted programs and treated as exceptional in school, but showed little difference where this did not occur In the early 1900s, the United States restricted immigration from countries thought to have lower rates of intelligence and passed laws requiring the sterilization of low-IQ individuals.

We'll consider whether intelligence involves a single ability or many different abilities, how we measure intelligence, what intelligence predicts, and how cultures and societies think about it.

We'll also consider intelligence in terms of nature versus nurture and in terms of similarities versus differences among people.

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