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I was reading this article at TMZ, in it good old Ray J said and I quote “I’m over sex tapes”, this coming from the man that got in the spotlight in the best way possible, now isn’t that a bit rich?

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Like previous campaigns from the designer, the images call upon some of his favorite fashion muses, like Cara Delevigne, mixed together with completely off-the-wall choices like Missy Elliott (wearing the reimagined Canada Goose Manitoba parka from his FW16 show) and Sissy Spacek, and taking a page out of Saint Laurent’s book with Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson.

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But in 2011, a proposal to rename a bridge after the singer was shelved; Warren Mason, the local musician who taught Cobain to play guitar, says the idea was vetoed by "a few right-wingers on the city council".

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Meanwhile the El Paso sector, which includes New Mexico, saw a 52 percent increase in family unit apprehensions, from 5,664 people to 8,609 people.

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Leaving on a high note will make them continue thinking about you and they’ll be waiting for that next text.

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However, most female users come from the Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia.