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"Stafford et al., (1991) discussed AMS radiocarbon dating in bone at the molecular level.They dated a number of fractions (ranging from insoluble collagen to individual amino acids) from each of a selection of differentially preserved mammoth and human bone.They did note that there appeared to be a direct relationship between the extent of racemization and the level of preservation of collagen in the bones.Those samples with the most racemization had the lowest amino acid content and this poor preservation of protein would contribute to anomalous AAR recalculated the AAR dates of the other Paleo-Indian samples.Even the process of preparing a specimen for racemic dating can affect the D/L ratio.For example, consider that neither the structure nor the proportion of the amino acids used for dating coral, ostrich eggshell, or snail shells is known. Using"Amino acid dating cannot obtain the age of the material purely from the data itself.The authors of this particular paper went on to suggest that, "As conformation strongly influences the rate of Asu [cyclic succinimide] formation and hence Asx [aspartic acid asparagine] racemization, the use of extrapolation from high temperatures to estimate racemization kinetics of Asx in proteins below their denaturation temperature is called into question . In the position carboxyl to asparagine in the peptide the replacement of glycine with a bulky amino acid such as proline or leucine resulted in a 33-50-fold decrease in the rate of deamidation"Hydrolysis, or the process of breaking down a protein into smaller and smaller fragments, clearly affects the rate of racemization.The rate itself of hydrolysis "depends on the strength of the individual peptide bonds, which in turn is determined by the characteristics of the amino acids on either side of the bond, the presence of water and the temperature."All of these are confounding factors, which, if not known exactly over extended periods of time, would play havoc with any sort of age determinations.

Pollard and Heron also point out that there is poor concordance between the conventional and the AMS radiocarbon dates and there is no concordance between the uranium series dates and any of the other dates either.

The Oxford dates were all between 4,500 and 8,500 years BP and the Arizona dates were between 3,000 and 6,600 years BP.

Bada et al., (1984) stated that the Oxford AMS results reveal no clear relationship between the radiocarbon ages of the various skeletons and the extent of the aspartic acid racemization.

In this light, it is interesting to consider what happened in 1974 when some of the major proponents of amino acid dating (Bada et al) decided to analyze the Paleo-Indian skeletal material from Del Mar, California.

Their estimated age of 48,000 years before present (BP) "stunned" the archaeological community who generally believed these bones to be less than 10,000 years old.

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