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Likewise, she could tell when women were warm for her, too. A man with a look of uncertainty was about to cross her path. The man had a question, and so she smiled while he made his inquiry. You aren't the only one who appreciates fine dining.' With perfect posture, she continued her walk down the open air deck of the ship. "Excuse me miss," the woman said, plopping the wet straw out of her mouth. The woman continued, "Look at you, you're so sweet and innocent. So yes, I can certainly be around adult beverages, and activities." "Oh my, when you have more time, you have to tell me your secret for having such a nubile appearance." "It would be my pleasure," Daphne blushed. It was the typical, friendly exchange that Daphne normally shared with passengers. By the way, were you just flirting with me or was the sun in your eyes? In this instance, it meant that no one could enter except for the special cleaning girl.A female colleague was heading her way from a different direction, carrying a big stack of towels. "Do you have any idea when we'll reach our destination? Just in time for a Costa Rican sunset and dinner." "Thank you, dear," the woman said, trying to contain her glee. Are you even allowed to be near alcoholic beverages? "By the way, you look ravishing in that bathing suit. But, given Daphne's current mood, all she could think was: 'You look so natural sucking on that straw. Daphne used her key card and slowly opened the door. But, sunlight peeked through the partially closed curtains, allowing Daphne to see clearly.They had briefly spoken a few times during the trip, mostly on the deck. Sorry, but I overheard her talking on the phone yesterday. An already taboo situation was about to become even more kinky. While wearing just her undergarments, Daphne paused and looked at the two as they lay on the bed. It was clear that she was nervous and shy about sex, even though she offered her 'cleaning services' to select passengers.Had they known that Daphne was the 'cleaning girl' they summoned? The husband and wife both stared, as the husband continued to stroke his wife's ample breasts. None of her moves were particularly sexy or interesting. And that reluctance was attractive to a lot of people, including the Thompsons, who watched with particular interest.Resting his weight on his left elbow, he cradled her face with his right hand.Daphne watched the husband thrust forcefully into his wife.

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It was obvious that she was on the verge of an orgasm as her toes began to curl.For good measure, she placed it into a small plastic bag and put it in trash hidden beneath extra tissue paper.She checked her appearance in the mirror and was satisfied with her reflection.Both were completely naked on the bed sheet, with the blankets pushed off the bottom of the bed.The husband and wife were both blonde and they sported bronze skin tones from the last few days of intense sun.

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Her pussy must have been really hungry for action cuz this beauty just won't quit until she gets a cumshot right on her nerdy eyeglasses.

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