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Today the beautiful old houses have been renovated and classy restaurants dominate the old port.Nyhavn is filled with people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere by the canal, jazz music and great food. 9, Nyhavn, is the oldest house in the area dating back to 1681.Bishop Molaise encouraged him to carry out his missionary calling and in the year 562, Columba set sail for Caladonia accompanied by around a dozen companions.] (4) The ruined Abby of Iona (copyright free photo) [Almost nothing remains of Columba's original Monastery however traces of the ditch (or vellum) that surrounded the Monastic enclosure can still be seen. Not finding one, he travelled extensively throughout the Orkneys and Shetlands, perhaps the Faroes, and "beyond the limits of human wanderings". Pictured below is the Monastic site at the Birrier of West Sandwick in Yell..Inside would have been a settlement resembling a small village - a modest timber church surrounded by huts for the monks to live and work in and small cells to provide the solitude necessary for prayer. From then till the Reformation (1560) the Benedictines revitalised the Columbian cult on Iona. [ St Cormac became a disciple of St Columba and in one of his journeys he visited his mentor at Iona. Cormac returned to Ireland and became Abbot of the monastery at Durrow, where he was laid to rest ] (6) (6) Transalpine Redemptorists. Along some of Shetlands more rugged shores there are high offshore stacks (detached cliffs) where groups of small square or rectangular foundations, some as small as 2m x 3m were built in turf or stone. uk last accessed 18/08/2015 These stones are thought to have been erected sometime during the 8th to 9th century.The design of the house has not been altered since that time. Christmas by the canal During Christmas, Nyhavn sets the perfectly Christmas-lit setting for your holiday in Copenhagen.

You will find it on the border of inner Copenhagen and the area of Østerbro.The bracketed [ ] paragraphs of text and the number (0) which follows it are referenced at the end of the event to which they relate. But there came a light better and brighter and nobler and more enduring than any that had emanated from either pagan or pseudo-Christian Rome.[Although it is true that Columba is the most well-known Scottish saint and arguably the most important from Dal Riata, (Dal Riata was a Gaelic kingdom on the western coast of Scotland, 'then Pictland', and also included part of Ulster in Northern Ireland), he wasn't the first Christian missionary in Scotland. St Ninian's mission, which began among the Strathclyde Britons, was directed to the Picts who were the principal of all peoples of Scotland from Hadrian's wall to the Pentland Firth. That light was non other than the Sun of Righteousness.The Venerable Bede thought that there were two Pictish kingdoms (which is supported),separated by the Mounth, a political boundary which runs from Drumochter in the west to Girdleness near the east coast, and that ' St Ninian' was the Apostle only to the kingdom of the southern Picts. In the little isle of Iona , on the west coast of Scotland , a well known Presbyterian college presided over by Colm, commonly called St. From this little centre of light, during the sixth century, missionaries spread over all Scotland ( including here in Shetland), carrying alike with them blessings of spiritual life and secular progress ] (2) (2) Book; Author: Robert Cowie; Title: Shetland Descriptive and Historical; Year of publication: 1874 The origins of our Shetland Christian heritage can be traced back to this Celtic form of monasticism which blossomed in Ireland in the 6th century AD, it then moved to the Iona community in Scotland,a community presided over by Colm, commonly called Columba.Bede is a sound authority on Northumbria but some of his accounts of Scotland were based on hearsay and should be received with some caution, although he is still an excellent source of information. [The Monastic settlement centers which came into existence in Ireland during this period consisted of rows of small cells, each cell assigned to an individual monk, and adjacent to an 'ecclais' or church.

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