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Within the United States, the states producing the largest amounts are Florida, New York, California, and North Carolina.As an example of Curcubita, raw summer squash is 94% water, 3% carbohydrates, and 1% protein, with negligible fat content (table).Most species do not readily root from the nodes; a notable exception is C.ficifolia, and the four other cultivated mesophytes do this to a lesser extent.Various combinations of mineral nutrients and light have a significant effect during the various stages of plant growth.

The five domesticated species are Cucurbita argyrosperma, C. The fruits have many culinary uses including pumpkin pie, biscuits, bread, desserts, puddings, beverages, and soups. The first group are annual or short-lived perennial vines and are mesophytic, i.e.In 100 grams, raw squash supplies 16 calories and is rich in vitamin C (20% of the Daily Value, DV), moderate in vitamin B6 and riboflavin (12–17% DV), but otherwise devoid of appreciable nutrient content (table), although the nutrient content of different Curcubita species may vary somewhat.as well as aphids (Aphididae), cucumber beetles (Acalymma vittatum and Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi), squash bug (Anasa tristis), the squash vine borer (Melittia cucurbitae), and the twospotted spidermite (Tetranychus urticae).Archaeological investigations have found evidence of domestication of Cucurbita going back over 8,000 years from the very southern parts of Canada down to Argentina and Chile. pepo, botanist Harry Paris suggested that the original wild specimen had a small round fruit and that the modern pumpkin is its direct descendant. It was probably bred for its seeds, which are large and high in oil and protein, but its flesh is of poorer quality than that of C. It does not hybridize well with the other cultivated species as it has significantly different enzymes and chromosomes. A variety known as the Seminole Pumpkin has been cultivated in Florida since before the arrival of Columbus. texana and ornamental gourds found outside of Texas (Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana) are called var. Evolutionarily speaking, the genus is relatively recent in origin, dating back only to the Holocene, whereas the family Cucurbitaceae, in the shape of seeds similar to Bryonia, dates to the Paleocene. The earliest known evidence of the domestication of Cucurbita dates back at least 8,000 years ago, predating the domestication of other crops such as maize and beans in the region by about 4,000 years. pepo was found in the Guilá Naquitz cave in the form of increasing rind thickness and larger peduncles in the newer stratification layers of the cave. Wild Cucurbita peduncles are always below this 10 mm barrier.Centers of domestication stretch from the Mississippi River watershed and Texas down through Mexico and Central America to northern and western South America. He suggested that the crookneck, ornamental gourd, and scallop are early variants and that the acorn is a cross between the scallop and the pumpkin. argyrosperma is not as widespread as the other species. It has been present in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Peru for 4,000–6,000 years and has spread to Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Its leaves are 20 to 30 centimeters (8 to 12 in) wide. Changes in fruit shape and color indicate that intentional breeding of C. The English word "squash" derives from askutasquash (a green thing eaten raw), a word from the Narragansett language, which was documented by Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, in his 1643 publication A Key Into the Language of America.

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